ISP/OSP Engineering

Get the Best Out of Your Wireless Network

Comprehensive Engineering from the Experts

If you’ve ever experienced dropped calls or weak service inside a building, then you can understand the importance of DAS, or distributed antenna systems. DAS is intended to extend and enhance wireless communication within structures. At Archis, we specialize in designing and implementing optimized DAS so your business benefits from wireless technology.  

Whether you’re looking for an OSP engineer (Outside-Plant Engineer) or ISP engineer (Inside-Plant), Archis’ team has the credentials, experience, and knowledge to make sure your connection remains strong. 

With Our ISP/OSP Engineering, You Will Receive:

Experienced engineers

Our engineers are professional, helpful, and have performed more than 10,000 in-building and outdoor continuous wave (CW) tests and roughly 300 DAS projects.

Certified crew members

At Archis, we employ engineers who are iBwave certified, which allows our team to tackle the most challenging wireless projects.

Complete construction

Whether you need an outside plant engineer or help with an in-building design, our engineers will handle everything from the initial planning to the final testing phase.

System mapping & audits

We offer our clients end-to-end visibility of our process and your project, ensuring that we are compliant and working to your specifications.

isp and osp engineering orlando
Our team at Archis is always on top of the ever-evolving world of technology and wireless networks. We offer the experience and professionalism you just won’t get from the competition. Trust us to help provide you with all the benefits of going wireless.

Looking for More of Archis’ Low Voltage Services?

isp and osp engineering Orlando

Video surveillance & access control

Give your business, employees, and customers the safety they deserve with CCTV that allows you to monitor and secure anyone entering or leaving your building.

Our Four Pillars of Service:

distributed antenna systems

Construction Management

As one of Central Florida’s only systems and services provider that’s also a general contractor, we’ll help build your office, create and maintain your network, and serve as your go-to partner for everything from research and design to construction and installation.

distributed antenna systems

IT services

Look to us for affordable and reliable VolP systems, as well as physical security systems, fire alarms, and managed IT services — including proactive, round-the-clock cybersecurity — that go way beyond the simple break-fix model.

emergency radio services

Low voltage

Our team specializes in the design, implementation, and maintenance of DAS (distributed antenna systems) to ensure your business benefits from wireless technology. We also provide internet services, surveillance, and access control.

emergency radio services

Radio frequency

Rely on our radio frequency (RF) services to ensure you’re getting the most out of your wireless network while adhering to FCC regulations. Our RF engineers are professional and iBwave-certified, which means they have the expertise to tackle the most complex wireless projects.

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