Distributed Antenna Systems & Emergency Radio

The Partner You Need for Critical Communication

Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are in-building wireless solutions that allow first responders to effectively communicate with each other during an emergency. These systems are crucial when it comes to ensuring the safety of your employees, clients, patients, or guests, as well as responders, in the event of fires, natural disasters, security threats, and more.

At Archis, we are proud to provide your business with emergency radio systems and public safety radio that go a long way toward protecting your business, those who help run it and those who support it.

Our Distributed Antenna Systems & Emergency Radio Services Provide:

Implementation & installation

Our team tests and designs a public safety DAS system for your facility before deploying a team of highly trained installers to implement it. We troubleshoot and test the system throughout the entire process to make sure industry standards and your expectations are met.

Public safety standards

We make sure your systems are effective and in compliance with the legal regulations for public safety wireless developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC).

Improved safety for responders

Our DAS systems won’t just keep you safe – but also those who arrive at your building to help save you and your business. A strong signal goes a long way toward firefighters and other responders being able to communicate and help each other sidestep danger.

Peace of mind

Run your business knowing you have effective and compliant wireless systems in place should a crisis or disaster arise.

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You can’t cut corners with a project like this. Rather, put it in the experienced, professional, and helpful hands of our team at Archis, and we’ll provide your business with a top-quality DAS and emergency radio system today.

Looking for More of Archis’ Radio Frequency Services?

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RF engineering & construction

Our certified engineers have the experience and expertise to meet requirements for various businesses in an array of industries.

Our Four Pillars of Service:

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Construction Management

As one of Central Florida’s only systems and services provider that’s also a general contractor, we’ll help build your office, create and maintain your network, and serve as your go-to partner for everything from research and design to construction and installation.

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IT services

Look to us for affordable and reliable VolP systems, as well as physical security systems, fire alarms, and managed IT services — including proactive, round-the-clock cybersecurity — that go way beyond the simple break-fix model.

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Low voltage

Our team specializes in the design, implementation, and maintenance of DAS (distributed antenna systems) to ensure your business benefits from wireless technology. We also provide internet services, surveillance, and access control.

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Radio frequency

Rely on our radio frequency (RF) services to ensure you’re getting the most out of your wireless network while adhering to FCC regulations. Our RF engineers are professional and iBwave-certified, which means they have the expertise to tackle the most complex wireless projects.

Our Success Is Your Safety

Reach out today to see how Archis can help your business thrive. The first step is a free strategy call to go over your needs and see where we can help. Contact our team and find out why we’re your one source for your technology solutions.